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  • Pavillon Marguerite de Champlain
  • Pavillon Marguerite de Champlain
  • Pavillon Marguerite de Champlain

About Us


Pavillon Marguerite de Champlain's inception began with a phone call from an anglophone woman seeking assistance to leave her abusive relationship. Two weeks later, the Director received a second call. These people were referred by other people in the community: they believed that she could find resources for them.

At the time, there was an existing shelter in the area. However, these women felt isolated by their limited ability to communicate in French.

Our present director researched the problem. She and two other persons met with the social worker, from the Carrefour Pour Elle. They discovered that during that year, in 1982, 278 women and children were refused because of lack of space.

This was an indication that there was an urgent need for another shelter on the South Shore that would meet the needs of both linguistic groups.

She requested the assistance of persons in Brossard to support a presentation to obtain funding for the implementation of another shelter in the Montérégie. This proposal was given to the "Community Development Projects" of the Federal Government. A government grant of 55,400$ was awarded and the Pavillon Marguerite de Champlain was established on February 14, 1983.

We opened our doors on April 11, 1983. Since its opening, the community of the South Shore has been very helpful, in maintaining the bilingual services offered at the center. It is due to organizations, volunteers and community support that have enabled the Pavillon to continue to offer services to women and children in crisis.

Our Mission

To offer shelter, crisis intervention services and follow-up services to women victims of conjugal violence and their children.

Our objectives

  • To provide sheltering services and crisis intervention to women and their children, information and referrals to other appropriate resources, sensitization and prevention to the community and our partners
  • To offer external services in the form of individual follow-up, groups to women and children
  • To work in collaboration with other agencies and community organizations for the well-being of our clients

Our approach

  • By working with the women on their strengths to regain control of their lives
  • To encourage and respect the private life of the clients and their capacity
    to make their own decisions with regards to their situations
  • We encourage cooperation and transparency

Our Team

Pavillon Marguerite de Champlain


If you wish to make a monetary donation or other, do not hesitate to contact us. Our women and children sheltered always need different products, such as: food, clothing, underwear, socks, pyjamas, personal hygiene products, kitchen accessories, etc.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us, it will be a pleasure to help you ! Thank you !