We work in collaboration with other community organizations and government services for the well-being of service users.

Pavillon Marguerite de Champlain
C.P. # 51535, CSP Taschereau
Greenfield Park, QC
J4V 3N8


The mission of the Pavillon Marguerite de Champlain is to provide shelter, crisis intervention services, and follow-up to victims of domestic violence and their children.

Our Goals:

 Provide shelter, crisis interventions, an intervention service and access to information for women and their children who are victims of domestic violence and/or in difficulty;
 Provide group and individual follow-up service;
 Ensure the accessibility of our services to the community, regardless of their language, ethnicity, social origin, sexual orientation, marital status, age and religious or spiritual beliefs;
 Provide the entire community with services in French and English;
 Work in collaboration with other community organizations and government services for the well-being of service users.

Our Values:

Equality, cooperation, transparency, honesty, respect and responsibility

Hours of services:

 Shelters are 24/7 living environments;
 Shelter services are available at all times;
 The civic address is confidential;
 You can access internal services by telephone;
 External services are offered by appointment, either by telephone, in person, virtually and in groups;
 External services are available mostly during the day, Monday through Friday, and two evenings a week.

Commitments to victims:

24/7 telephone services
Shelter, support, follow-up
External and post-shelter services

24/7 telephone services:

The telephone service is a help and information service. The line is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The purpose of the telephone service is to offer consultations, active listening and offer referrals and resources that correspond to the person’s current situation.

Internal services, shelter and follow-up support:

During their stay, the users have access to the caseworkers. The caseworkers also offer accompaniment services for women during their stay.

The caseworkers provide information, moral support and access to information, by different means, individual meetings and group meetings. Each user has a pivotal worker who takes steps with her for situations related to domestic violence. It is the user that makes the decisions concerning her current situation.

The stay in the shelter is of short duration, i.e. 1 to 2 months. The resident is involved in the process during this time. We ask residents to respect certain crucial elements for the security of the resource; confidentiality of address, identity of other residents, smoking only where indicated, and collectively sharing chores to keep the house clean.

External services and post- shelter:

Individual and group follow-up is open to women in the community who are experiencing domestic and post-separation violence.

Individual follow-up can be done¸ in the short and medium term (1 to 12 sessions) through individual or group meetings. Throughout this process, one of our caseworkers will inquire about their situation by setting specific objectives with her. The caseworker will take the time to identify the needs and evaluate the user’s situation. The caseworker will offer personalized follow-up and resources, if necessary. Follow-up includes active listening, support, steps related to domestic violence and referrals to professionals according to your need.

Complaint mechanisms:

  1. Complaints must be made in writing;
  2. Any complaint must be addressed to the Director General of the organization who will acknowledge receipt of the complaint. An acknowledgment of receipt of the complaint will be sent. A review of the complaint and a response will be processed within 45 days.

The address of the organization for complaints:

C.P. # 51535, CSP Taschereau
Greenfield Park, QC
J4V 3N8
Information : 450-656-1946

If you are not satisfied with our services and complaint process, you can file a complaint with the local service quality and complaints commissioner.

This complaint can be made by telephone, email, mail or by going to the address below:

Commissaire aux plaintes et à la qualité des services
CISSS de la Montérégie-Centre
3120, boulevard Taschereau
Greenfield Park (Québec) J4V 2H1
Téléphone : 450 466-5434 / Télécopieur : 450 462-7979

You will be guided on the procedure to follow. Your complaint must include your name, address and telephone number as well as a short summary of the reasons and facts surrounding the deplored event. You will receive an acknowledgment of receipt of your complaint.

The commissioner has 45 calendar days after receiving your complaint to study it and inform you of its outcome. All information collected will be kept in a separate file and will be treated confidentially. He will communicate his conclusions, their reasons and the solutions envisaged to meet your expectations.

In addition, section 40 of the LSSSS stipulates that the local service quality and complaints commissioner, who fails to communicate his conclusions to the user within 45 days of receipt of his complaint, is deemed to have sent him negative conclusions on the day of expiry of this period.

This defect gives rise to recourse to the Ombudsman. This information is systematically transmitted when the complaint is filed with the author (user, representative or heir or legal representative of a deceased user) and when the verbal or written conclusions are transmitted.

It informs you of the results within a period not exceeding 45 days following receipt of your complaint. Its conclusions are accompanied by solutions to solve the problem or corrective measures that are recommended to the establishment. The conclusions are transmitted verbally if the complaint is verbal and in writing if, it is written.

You can take a second action if you are dissatisfied with the conclusions or recommendations made by the commissioner.

Complaint Form PMC - EN

Identification of the user

Identification of the user representative

Description of the complain and statement of facts


Description of user expectations